Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And they always will.

Life is never slowing. It's a constant shifting and tipping and pulling and pushing of everything. Waves of emotion crashing everywhere. Despair and prosperity rise and fall. And not one of us can say different. Life doesn't stop changing. Even if we declare we are in a rut, we are not. Things are still changing. Swiftly. Constantly. And they always will.
Many days I find myself wishing things would stay still for awhile. Slow down for a moment. But they never do. Let me breath, life. Please be a little gentler with me, life. But it never stops for me to catch my breath and it most certainly does not know how to be gentle.
And now life has shifted again. I feel as though I'm in some silly fun house at a county fair the kind with spinning spots on the floors and tipping rooms. Life has tipped me. It has sent me sliding and spilling across this life and into something new. New is exciting. Yet oddly familiar. And rather terrifying, but calming at the same time.
Things are still changing. Swiftly. Constantly. And they always will.

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